Knights & Dragons Paci-Patch


The Paci-Patch is a 13x13ish" square of cotton and Minky fabric with snapping ribbon loops at each corner for hooking pacifiers to. Perfect for nap and night time when you don't want all the Pacifiers lost or when you don't want the Paci-Catcher attached to your child while sleeping. Also great as a lovey for taking everywhere all day long! Works with ALL styles of pacifiers (adapters available for Mam and Soothie pacifiers) You can also attach teething rings or toys as well as a Paci-Catcher to clip your Paci-Patch to your car seat or stroller. 

*All items are handmade. There may be slight variances in size depending on how the hem turns out. Minky color may also vary with what I have on hand, but will match the selected print. If you want a specific minky color, please let me know in the comments! 

** Works with any pacifier, but will need an adapter for soothie or mam brands, which can by found in the shop here:

*** All Paci-Catcher products are CPSIA compliant.

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